Magic By Mande Team

Magic By Mande was started MANY years ago as a single mom to a young toddler. The goal was to be able to keep him home but to find a way to provide. Beginning with an aunt's daycare, it was instant LOVE. Now we have a team of photographers and offer our services to all of Wichita Falls and the surrounding areas!

*Interested in applying to be a member of our team? Feel free to reach out! I am always looking for good, hardworking, local community members to bring on!

Mande - Owner

Mande is a mom of two, mega bookworm and Harry Potter fan. She loves dance and is constantly working towards bettering herself, her company and helping others.
Her goal is to raise good humans- to teach them to work hard, stand up for themselves and never give up on their passions.


Madison is Mande's eldest niece and currently a junior at a local school. She loves sports and can't wait to see what the future brings!