Frequently Asked Questions - Sports


How do I book a portrait day for my team?

Contact me at [email protected] or by using the Contact Form to check on availability.
Magic By Mande Photography photographs in Wichita Falls, Burkburnett, Holliday, and surrounding areas.

What age range of students do you photograph?

I am comfortable photographing all ages but specialize in ages 3-12.

Is there a minimum number of students needed?

I prefer a minimum of 20 kids in order to bring my whole setup out. If your team is smaller than that, feel free to reach out to another team to see if they want to do theirs at the same time! I thrive on large quantities at once and will happily bring along a second (or third) photographer in order to accommodate!

Does it cost the team anything to have portraits taken?

No! There is no cost and in fact, I am happy to offer complimentary coach gifts or create a fundraiser!

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes! I am licensed with the state of TX, city of Wichita Falls and insured through the Professional Photographers of America!


Do you offer sibling portraits?

Absolutely! Just let me know there is a sibling set (or coach that wants a photo with their kid) and I'll be happy to take that image for you!

When do you schedule portrait sessions?

Whenever is the most convenient! That could be at an evening practice or on a game day. I prefer to maximize the number of participants and minimize the number of times I need to set up and tear down.

How long does each child’s portrait session take?

Each child should take no more than one minute to get their photo taken. QR cards will be handed out by a volunteer or photographer assistant as the children arrive. The card is handed to the photographer when it's their turn, several poses are taken and the card is handed back to give to a parent. That's it!

How many poses does each child get?

Each sport is offered six poses (plus a silly face) for a total of seven poses per child. Parents may choose one, none, a handful or all poses when ordering. Each child will also recieve a customized memory mate and several customized individual photos in their gallery.


How do parent place orders?

Each team receives a beautiful, easy-to-use online website that showcases each child's photos in individually password-protected online galleries. Parents order right there in the gallery; it's even easy to view sibling galleries and check out all at once!

If some parents need assistance with online ordering or prefer to pay via cash or money app, please have them contact me for assistance.

How long does it take for portraits to arrive?

Orders are sent directly to the lab and will be shipped directly to the purchaser's home usually within one week of ordering. Digitals are available for download immediately (within a few hours).

What types of payment are accepted?

Online ordering accepts all major credit cards. For families that do not have online ordering access, payment can be made via Venmo, cash app, cash, or money order.

Can families place a second order or reorder more prints?

Of course! Contact Mande for assistance!