What you can expect from me

Ensure you've registered and the small deposit is paid to take part in picture day. Make sure the child is fed and prepared
I will start off with a short introduction and gauge their reaction. I then direct them to my backdrop and move through a series of quick successive pose requests to create a fun and relaxed portrait session for each child. I will never force your child into a position they are unable or uncomfortable with. I will ask twice and then ask if I can assist. If they aren't having it, I follow their lead and photograph them doing what they are comfortable with.  This is why some children will have different poses than others. Once our session is complete, I thank them for doing such a wonderful job and send them back to class. I do my absolute best to model my personal energy after theirs. The excited child gets an excited photographer. The shy child gets a slowed down and quiet photographer. If we've worked together before, I do my best to remember something about last time (outfit, sibling, or something they liked) to continue building the relationship.

What comes next?

The process is simple. After the pictures are taken, I will bring them home and process them. Within 2-3 days, I will post sneak peeks on social media. (During registration, you will be asked permission. Photos will only be posted if this box is checked). At this time, you are free to tag and share with family and friends. Please do not screenshot, crop, or edit these images! These are only sneak peeks and you will receive everything in your gallery via email shortly after! In the email, you will receive a link and password to access your child's gallery. You may share access with those who wish to view and order but I will not personally grant someone access without your permission.   Orders can be placed up to two weeks after galleries are released. They are delivered to your home. The final order date is TWO WEEKS after galleries are sent out. If you need more time to order, please contact for options.